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South Park Season 19 Episode 3 Quotes About Crack


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South Park Season 19 Episode 3 Quotes About Crack


Terrance farts on Phillip, causing Stan and Kyle to laugh. Postmaster: Well I'm afraid I can't do that, kids. Because most of these babies would normally not even get out, you know? Huh, or be able to do anything. PC Principal: Alright, guys, I know there have been a lot of rumors flying around. [the McCormicks pause; Stuart stands] Stuart: Yeah, I got concerns! I don't want you touching my darn house!! Johnson: We realize that when a rejuvenation like this takes place, the lower-income residents fear they'll be priced out of the area. Mr. Added: February 20, 2010 . Each year, thousands of babies are born addicted to crack and lie in hospitals without a mother to hold them. Let me take you out to Denny's. 262 5 "Safe Space" Trey Parker Trey Parker October21,2015(2015-10-21) 1905 1.21[8] Cartman is the latest victim of body shaming. Cartman is in his corner office talking to someone on his phone] Cartman: It's the easiest thing in the world! How could you guys have screwed this up?! All I asked you to do was to get Slash to play at half time for the match up between the crack babies at Cedars-Sinai NCU! Clyde: We're just having a hard time finding him. Cartman: How can Slash be playing in Colorado Springs and Moscow at the same time?! Clyde: We don't know. It's really getting popular! [soon, babies are heard. Craig: Why are the Asian girls drawing pictures of us being gay?! PC Principal: What's wrong with being gay? Nothing is wrong with that. Retrieved October 2, 2015. Now Craig, what would you say if you wanted to take a gander at Tweek's asshole? . Postmaster: Come on! Kids write to Slash every day, but it all just goes into this big pile over here. Kyle: I know, but dude, we can't license our games to EA Sports and pay the crack babies nothing. Don't you ever wonder how Slash can be aaall those places at the same time? It's because he's made up! He- Postman: Don't spoil it for the kids, Marty. Stunning and Brave [19.01][edit]. v t e South Park Trey Parker Matt Stone Characters Principal Stan Marsh Kyle Broflovski Eric Cartman Kenny McCormick Butters Stotch Recurring Chef Mr. Kyle: Jesus Christ. Jimbo: (about Jakovasaur) Well, let's kill it.Cartman: No, don't.Jimbo: Huh?Cartman: I like it.Kyle: You don't like anything Cartman. It's a rare night that he sleeps without his hat on, but this is one of those nights. But you didn't get nothin'. Kyle: But who paid for all this? [Stan catches up and the nurse leaves] Stan: [tugs at Kyle's coat] Kyle, Kyle! Look. [Denny's, night. We want everyone to be able to voice their concerns. Cartman: (about Jackov) He's the last of his kind you guys, there's only two of them left.Kyle: Did you smoke some of your mom's crack?Cartman: Will you stop with the 'mom smoking crack' thing, it's an old joke.Jackov: Eric, do you have any more cookies?Stan: Who's that, one of your mom's boyfriends? Permalink: He's the last of his kind you guys, there's only two of them lef. 496fe58675

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